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Department of architecture, planning, compartment-planning   (Sides are revised)

and project-management


nextplan is the German department of architecture, planning, compartment-planning and project-management of the SeaAirCompany, the nonprofit company for scholastic and universities formation | Culture | City-development. We work together narrowly with universities and colleges. Local planning authorities, authorities, state facilities are our clients


  Generalmanager Architekt Dipl. Ing. Torsten Carstens Projektmanager Architekt Dipl. Ing. Jan van Mertens
The next Generation Projekt: Architektur in Schule / Vorschule
They as a client promote children ...
students and students over ...

the project-management of nextplan


Architecture, construction-management
Architecture, construction-management
  Design | interior-architecture, marketing



Example: Plan as cad - planning


Nextplan is a company for architecture, engineering

Construction-management, architecture and an office of compartment-plannings, aluminum-facades, glass-facades glass-roofs steel-construction metal-construction windows. We are reliably, competently and loyal


Please, they take us into account at the award of planning and direction-orders.


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